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Parakeet allows schools to put critical performance information, such as attendance, tardiness, and grades, directly into the hands of parents.

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Attendance Alerts

Find out why students aren't in school without making hundreds of phone calls.

Grade Reports

Keep parents in the know with the click of a button.

Tardy Notifications

Decrease tardy rates by alerting parents when their child is late to school.

Customized Notifications

Reach out to all guardians with customizable emergency text messages.

Our pricing is simple:

$5.00 per student per school year.

For less than 50¢ a month, you are able to access our entire suite of features to help you increase attendance rates, decrease tardiness, and increase academic performance.

Per Student


  • Unlimited Attendance Alerts
  • Unlimited Tardy Notifications
  • Twice-Monthly Grade Reports
  • 12 Yearly Emergency Notifications
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